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Skim the Pool’s Surface

Make it a point to have your pool serviced wether by a local pool service company or just do it yourself. Skimming the surface probably the fastest, simplest and most common method to clean the pool. Especially if you are the one who loves to swim every day, this practice could be easily done with a local pool service company. Having a local pool service company skim the debris from the surface of the swimming pool not only increases the efficiency of the pool’s circulation system but also reduces the amount of chlorine that needs to be added to the pool water in order to keep it free from infection. Check out to find local Pool Service cleaners already in your neighborhood.

Clean Out Strainer Baskets

The strainer basket of a swimming pool is usually attached to the side of above ground pools. If not there, you can locate these baskets in the pool deck of in ground pools. Don’t stress as to how would you clean the strainer baskets, just remove the plastic basket, shake it out and your job is done! You could also benefit by using hose spray on the inside of the strainer baskets which is very effective in dislodging any stubborn objects. This type of cleaning also assists in keeping the pool circulation level in action and lowers the use of chlorine. If the basket or any other part on the pools mechanical system is in need of pool repair call a local pool service company to come out and repair it as soon a s possible. Most local professional pool service companies also offer same day pool repair, pool sales and almost all of them offer Same Day Pool Service

Vacuum It Once A Week

This usually depends upon the frequency of usage of your swimming pool by you. You can vacuum the pool either manually, and if so doing it once in a week is sufficient. Else, you could use the automatic pool service vacuum through which you can vacuum the pool once in every week. Generally, it is believed that the more a pool is being used, the less vacuuming it requires. So if you are a regular swimmer, vacuuming could be brought down to once in every month.

Keep the Filter Clean

Keeping the filter of your pool clean and hygienic is utmost important. There are three kinds of pool service filters: cartridge, sand and diatomaceous earth. Each type is maintained by a different procedure and all of them require periodic cleaning depending on how often your pool is being used. An interesting fact to note in these filters is that the ones with a little dirt are more efficient in keeping the water clean, as compared to the pool service filters which are completely clean. This is because a little dirt traps other impurities in it while a clean surface allows them out at times. When the flow of water increases between the pressure gauge and flow meter (say 10-15 lbs per sq. inch), it is an indication that it’s time to clean the pool service filter.

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