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Roof Repair

How Can You Benefit From Local Roof Repair Services?

roof repair service near you

If you’ve noticed water stains running down your walls or extending across the ceilings, your best guess is a roof leak.

The easy part – fixing the roof leak on your own.

The tough part – tracking down the leak.

You don’t necessarily have to fix the leak right away. But if you don’t repair it immediately, even a small leak can lead to huge problems like rotted framing and sheathing, mold, destroyed insulation, and damaged ceilings.

If you want to avoid an expensive roof repair bill, it’s best to call a professional company near you.

Not only will the roofer be able to find the source of the leak quickly, but they will also be able to repair it skillfully.

That said, if your roof is more than 20 years old and most of the shingles are damaged or worn out, then it’s time to repair, or maybe even replace it.

Roof Repair Costs

What are the Costs of Hiring a Roofing Company?

Most residential roofing contractors are skilled and equipped to repair all kinds of roofs. From typical wood, asphalt, metal to tile roofs, they are trained and qualified to handle different roof materials.

Here’s a breakdown of some average roof repair costs.

  • Wood shingle repairs – $375
  • Metal roof repairs – $325
  • Clay tile roof repairs – $365
  • Flat roof repairs – $370
  • Repairing foam – $425
  • Repairing ply surfaces – $450
  • Natural slate repairs – $525

On the other hand, replacing roofs is quite expensive. Here’s how much you’ll be expected to pay based on the roof you choose to install..

  • Wood shingle roof replacement – $8,000
  • Metal roof replacement: $15,000
  • Clay tile roof replacement – $16,000
  • Asphalt or asphalt shingle roof replacement – $8,000
  • Slate roof replacement – $30,000
  • BUR roof replacement – $10,000

Of course, this is just an indication. To know the actual cost of repair or replacement, you’ll need to speak to a local roof repair company. They will be able to give you an exact quote.

5 Common Roof Problems

local roof repair companies

A roof leak is just one of the many problems that you’ll come across. There are many other common roof issues that a professional roof repair company can mend.

What are the Common Faced Roof Problems?

Flawed Flashing

Usually, the flashing is made of heavy rubber or metals to prevent leaks in the pipes and on the walls. Since it acts as the first line of defense on the outside, it is imperative that the flashing is installed properly.

Gutter Buildup

Areas around the gutter buildup on your roof are just the right conditions for the growth of mold and mildew. Hence, you need to ensure that you clean the gutters or get them cleaned by a professional at least once a year.

Ruined Shingles

Shingles cover and protect the roof deck and keep the moisture away. Any damages to them can invite leaks and other roof related problems.

Damaged Soffits

Soffits are a great hideout for birds and other tiny creatures like squirrels to take refuge. Monitor them and keep fixing any small issues as and when required. Squirrels can break the vents, chew and claw open the screens. So always ensure that there are no crevices or cracks in the roof to accommodate them.


Not only does moisture from roof produce bad odor, but it also encourages the growth of mold and mildew. They can infest the whole home, which can affect you and your family’s health.

3 Benefits of Hiring a Pro

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Roof Repair Company?

Even if you know how to fix something as simple as a roof leak, it’s certainly not recommended.

Pulling out your ladders and climbing multistory buildings just to inspect and repair the roof of your home is certainly not a DIY task.

A roof is probably one of the most important parts of your home. So you don’t want to be stuck in a situation where you have not done a proper job, or worse is left incomplete because you’re not able to fix it for some reason.

On the other hand, a professional roof repair contractor will be able to look for all the roof problems and repair them.

Here’s why it’s a good idea to hire them.

1 – Safety

Accidents due to roof repairs are extremely common. The professional contractors invest in the necessary safety gear and always take precautions while doing their job. They also have the requisite training and certifications. So they are certainly better qualified to fix your roof than anyone else.

2 – Cost Effective

As surprising as it may sound, hiring a professional roof repair company works out to be quite economical.

One of the main reasons is that that they are able to get the roofing materials at lower costs. Plus they have all the right tools to fix roofs.

If you were to buy the material, you may not get a good deal. In addition to the required roof materials, you’ll also need to invest in tools. All this put together will certainly increase your expenses.

3 – Warranty

Most roof repair companies provide warranty on both – labor as well as the materials used. So if there are any problems within the warranty period, they will come inspect and resolve it without any extra charges.

What to Ask a Roof Repair Company?

Q: Will you remove my old roof?

A: Don’t let a roofer place a new roof on your house until they have removed the old roof.

Q: Are you going to install drip edge or edge metal when you install the new roof?

A: Drip edge or edge metal is a small piece of aluminum placed under the shingle where it comes off on the roof.

Q: Will you protect my gutters when you install my roof?

A: Gutters are an important part of the roof. If they damage it, it could be an additional cost for you. So ensure that they protect your gutters while installing a new roof.

Q: Do you bring a dumpster for trash and old roofing material?

A: You need to ensure that all the waste from the old roof such as shingles needs to be disposed of correctly. They will need to be cleared as soon as the old roof is taken apart.

Q: Where will you park the dumpster?

A: You also need to find out where they will park the dumpster while they are clearing up. If they plan to park it on your driveway, then you need to ensure that it doesn’t crack because of the weight.

In case, your driveway is not an option, then find out where will they be parking it.

Q: What happens in case of bad weather?

A: Ideally, if they are working during bad weather, the roof repair company should cover the roof in tarps or plastic covers.

Q: What is the warranty on a new roof?

A: The minimum warranty on a new roof is around 25 years as per the industry standard. So ask about it before you hire them.

Q: What is the cost of plywood?

A: You need to know the cost of plywood in case they come across a rotten roof or soft roof decking. Get the dollar amount per roofing plywood sheet. Also, make sure this is included in your written estimate.

Q: How will you protect my landscaping during this project?

A: You need to know how they plan to work around your front yard and backyard so that they don’t destroy your landscaping.

Ask for details on how they will ensure that your landscaping is not affected…

Check Before Contracting Local Roofers

What to Check for Before Contracting a Roof Repair Company?

License – Ask for all local and state business licenses.

Proof of Insurance – For your own protection, check proof of both, workman’s compensation and Liability Insurance.

Business Stability – Find out how long the company has been in business.

Check Reviews Online – Check reviews online to get an idea of what the others are saying about them. This will give you a better idea of what to expect.

References – Any good company will provide you with references upon request. Call them and ask about their work, timeliness, cost, and overall services.

24-hour Emergency Service – Make sure your local company offers 24-hour emergency service. If something goes wrong suddenly, they should be able to come and fix it at the earliest.

Over the Phone Pricing – No roof repair company can give you an exact idea of the cost without taking a look first. So avoid this, if possible.

Free Estimates – Most roof repair companies offer free estimates. So always ask for one.

Safety Record – Fixing roofs is a high-risk job. So ask them about their safety records. You want a company that doesn’t have a high incidence of on-the-job mishaps or injuries.

Building Codes – In certain areas, you’ll need to make sure that the local roofing repair company meets all the building code requirements.

Satisfaction Guarantee – Choosing a company that offers a satisfaction guarantee will ensure that they will get the job done right the first time around. This will save you money and frustration in the long run.

Cleanup – The mess left behind after a roof repair or replacement can be huge. So ask about their cleanup services.


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